My problem with League of Legends

I'd like to tell you all the things that I don't like about this game (even tought it has lots of good aspects): First thing is that some things from this game are random, this isn't a big problem but it still affects the game. Twisted Fate's passive for example can give you bonus gold from 1 to 6 every time you kill an unit. Imagine you killed 100 minions. The minimum is 100 and the maximum is 600 (i don't think somebody would get 100 or 600), that's a big difference, a difference that can make you very weak/powerful. The crit chance is fun, I like it but in the same time it's so bad for the game. A tryndamere that killed some minions at lvl 1 hitted me 2 times (both times crit) and my HP went down to under 50%, that was just stupid. Both teams can get dragons but one can use it more (split pushers need the mountain drake for example). My second problem with this game is autofill. Usually on ranked, the team that has more autofills loses. That's all, there's almost no way you can win against a player that's better than you at that role (only if you get canped or you counterpick). The bigger problem is that in season 9 you'll get rank for every role. In the first place I tought it was bad because it takes more time to make all ranks and people will play all roles to get all the ranks but they will troll other's games, then i tought that it's good because you can be better at the role you main and you don't have to be stressed every time you are autofilled but now I think it's one of the worst ideas because when people will get autofilled, they won't even try to play (a part of them), the bigger problem is that even if they try to play, they won't be against they're lvl on that role (if you are d1 on mid but p5 on top, when you'll play top you are going to play against d5-d4 or something like that) and that's even harder, it will be even harder to rank. So the problem remains, we don't want to wait 10 years to play a game but we don't want 3 autofills in our teams either. My third problem with the game is champion balance. A champion is considered BROKEN if people lose against it too much and they lose because that champion doesn't even has counters (or only some conters 1-2). I like how they are trying to make champs worse by getting they're ratios lower but the thing is that the abilities are the problem, not the scaling (sometimes the scaling too rarely). The only way they can actually balance a chanpion is to make his cooldowns bigger, nerf the items he uses or rework him (even one ability). Take Viktor for example, he is op against almost any champion and after the first item (if he didn't feeded too much) he is unstoppable. Also he gets his new rune, shield bash and he will deal even MORE damage, Kleptomancy will get a big buff too so he will be even more OP. Also the Iceborn Gauntlet will get a better form (from Ornn) so if you have Viktor and Ornn in the same team, it's a win. I mean, he is op, you give him a bigger ap ratio and all of this? It's like 2/3 buffs in one patch. Enought about Viktor. I like this game, I like how Riot is trying ro change it, I like that it's competitive and I want it to be better.
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