Ranked solo/duo system and what needs to change

Hey i´ve been playing ranked for 4 years and at this state it has been the worse system in ranked ever. No1 likes this system. Its really rare that you have players that play 2 roles. Mostly everyone just plays one role. Atleast in diamond soloq. This system blows, everyone should get the role that they want no matter what, no matter what time it takes. Soloq is not about skill anymore its all about luck. Who gets more autofills, who gets more offrole/2nd role. EVERY game BOTH teams get 2-3 autofills/2nd role. Its not even a quality game anymore with this system. I really hate this system and you should change it so that you can pick any role u want and how many roles u want. If u play 2 roles u should be able to pick 2 roles, but dont let people who only play 1 role go offrole ever. No matter how much time it takes just let them play their role. This system makes league not enjoyable because soloq is 60% luck 40% skill now. It used to be 80% skill 20% luck. I´ve been playing this game since season 2 and as a high elo player (diamond 1) i just needed to get my point across, i think all players agree with me. The only reason for this system is for the challenger players to get shorter but its 200 players out of millions, u should priotize the millions not the 200. Every game is unenjoyable with this solo/duo ranked system that you are having at this moment. Feel free to ask me any questions about it i know exactly how to have it really good as a new system
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