Possible road map for coming preseason.

Hello, pretty much everyone universally agree that season 8 was the worst season ever, probably a season where whole season felt like beta or simply stuck in "preseason". So i thought ill give some insights about the game and where i think the game should head, because not everyone will agree, but upcoming season will be either "make it" or "break it" for Riot. Lots of stupid changes were implemented, the worst aspect of this season was = changes too impactful and the rate of them, there were simply too much of them, i dont fancy league that much anymore, they went quite a different path, than i liked. I bet many players will feel the same, majority will not understand this at all, but i played this game from season 2~ and was ranked high dia/masters eve on trick until i stopped playing (i guess some can guess why, but thats for later). This info is just a simple "i was here for a long time and was actively watching this game evolve, for better or worse". 1. Runes removal and keystones were a big mistake, they simply impact the game too much, whoever can use keystones the best instantly becomes top tier, others who have kits not perfectly suited for one keystone or another - suffer and get left behind. They impact the game too much, makes playstyles one dimensional, some paths are just way too good for champions to ignore, runes left that feel of individuality and were nowhere near gamebreaking or impactful as keystones are. Now everyone (i will repeat this a lot) have too much damage, there are too much damage everywhere in a game, everyone can delete anyone within seconds, even supports. They overnerfed the strategic aspect of this game, now its reaction times, whoever bursts his rotation faster and more precisely = usually wins. 2. Itemization for ad carries sucks, there are no real selection to choose from - Now its really monatomic, even build paths are exactly the same, i know it mostly was like that, but there were at least some mixing up in building order and there were a few situational items, like bork, while now you are locked into building 3, the same items in order no matter what, otherwise you lose a lot of impact and worth of your gold. 3. There are no good, pure defense items, who are meaningful and impactful enough to build. Everyone simply have too much damage, anyone can delete everyone, garen, zed, talon, ad carries - mostly everyone can simply burst each other down in seconds. Most pure defense items are not worth the hassle, while offensive/defensive items are a hugely better investment. Bruisers became assassins, keystones made everyone able to delete someone, even if you want to play pure tank there is no point in it, apart from CC bots, like nautilus. Because Garen/Irelia or anyone will be as tanky if not more tanky and on top of it they will be able to delete squishy people by themselves, on the spot. Games are so fast that even tanks dont last long. Itemization and keystones are so damage focused that there is no real way to defend yourself, or be useful as a tank, without tons of CC. 4. There are no interesting games anymore, mostly you either stomp or get stomped, only laning phase decides most of the games, least comebacks i ever experienced, least satisfaction in winning or losing. Least interesting or intense games, again damage is to blame, teamfights last seconds and are very straight forward. 5. It was true a couple of seasons ago = but you cant solo carry, its a lot harder to do so now, thus it reflects to even more luck and grind, the key word is grind here. 6. Reworks hurt the game and mostly they are bad. I know this will be controversial - but they do. Before they tried to make the champion play and feel the same, now they dont even bother, they relaunch champions on a beat of the heart, change whole kits, gameplay and sometimes straight out - everything. If you want to implement a new ability to a game or release a new champion, just do it, there is no need to "delete" someone and replace them with completely different champion, with similar animations and name. You want someone like new aatrox, urgot, akali, etc = make them, release them like a different champion, if you have no consideration to leave at least similar gameplay - dont delete those champions, sooner or later they hurt your playerbase, you will not get new players from reworks, you WILL lose certain amount of players after every rework, one tricks, champion mains etc. You are bleeding players this way. It discourages people to invest time in this game, i had thousands of hours in "Eve" after they deleted her, i wont go into details, but whoever knew her well knows that out of 8 key elements of eve, new one has only 1. Shes a different champion in the sense of gameplay. Do you guys think i will EVER want to invest that much work and time in any aspect of this game now? while it can be simply deleted without even consideration of what the best players who know these champions the best, more so than developers, who had lots of hours in them, mostly know them throughout, all their problems, weaknesses, strengths. etc..? It wont happen - you automatically force player base to be "short lived" and dedication is discouraged. 8. Too many changes, too impactful, too fast. Stop trying to out-do yourself, everyone know how badly this went, please get back to simple numbers game, even if it wasnt that effective at least it wasnt that destructive, where you MUST invest many hours to even understand what happens in the game, its not keeping the game fresh - it keeps the game frustrating and blocks the way for casual players to enjoy the game to the fullest. 9. Everyone deals too much damage, fights end too fast especially in teamfights, pretty much everyone became an assassin, a 15/0 zed can delete you in 0.2 seconds, a 5/10 talon can delete that same zed in 0,6 seconds = thats frustrating for both ends. I know they both are bursty assassins, but once the game goes past 4+ items it litarelly becomes a couple of shots/abilities fights. Ad carries 3 shot people, everyone 2-3 shots them. Tanks are deleted with ease as well, if they are not - they are simply ignored and have no impact, otherwise they build "bruiser" items and deal as much damage if not more, in those short timed rotations of abilities. 10. mobile, burst, cc champs are %%%%%%ed game design, like irelia, yasuo etc. 11. Snowballing is even worse than it ever was before. Damage window is very short, fast and keystones makes it even worse, keystones probably were the worst decision riot ever made in history of league. 12. Enough with all the complexity, not everyone wants to be that cool hipster who outplays or shines through, with new or insane mechanics, but people actually want to get a new, yet simple champion with straight forward, not outdated kit, maybe point and click, new players dont have much choice when they are learning basics. Sometimes you just want to relax and pick simple, yet effective champion. There is no need to be packed with mobility, outplay mechanics etc, there should be a different approach on champion designs, why riot gets so much "jokes" that they make "insert champion v2" etc. Some variation to simplicity side wont hurt, but will help for sure. 13. You kill off, not only one tricks, but pocket picks, example galio, swain, etc. Your mentality of "every champion has to be played equally" is downright unrealistic and damaging there is and must be unpopular champions, pocket picks, etc. Its not that they must be reworked, because of that, even if they are fully functional counters for some comps, or individual champions, league needs more pocket picks, not less - Galio deleted, Urgot deleted. Etc. They were fine, their new reworks are fine as well - but there was no need to delete those old designs, they were functional, not meta or popular, but functional pocket picks, or in different game modes, apart SR. 14. the strategic aspect of the game is fading, adcs are the most boring role of them all, even supports have more impact and choice in the game. With so much damage around you could bring force of nature and other "heavy defense" items. But they would still be abused by juggernauts and wont help intended market, or strategic aspect (Well juggernauts were a stupid game design as well) They are best of both worlds. 15. Client is in a lot of ways worse, less usability, less functions, too much noise in the background, you still cant use it to look for recently played, friends or patch notes while you are waiting in lobby, until the game starts and many more issues, but for me the worst - too much background noise, not enough statistic aspect, so there is no point to use the client more apart loot system, friends chat, play button. 16. Creep block - i wont get into details about this, mostly known issue for everyone. Attacks, and spells cancelling on hit, death, flash,etc. some champions get their damage cancelled, some dont, its frustrating, its nothing wrong to kill and be killed at the same time, while its toxic and frustrating, when you get killed, but dont kill only because your own hit was cancelled - lots of examples if fiora would lunge and talon Q her, both at the health to die - fiora would kill talon mid jump, while talon Q would get cancelled out - thats really frustrating. You should decide about clear direction about this or make clear signs, so players would not get confused, some abilities and damage cancels out - some dont, while visually those abilities are pretty much the same. P.s if anyone finds this interesting you can repost or edit it however and whenever you like. P.p.s (offtopic) - Anyone know similar mobas to older league? Or at least can recommend mobas who contain similar champion to old evelynn with all 8 aspects of her gameplay? Abilities can be different, but the gameplay of - 1 versatility (you can build,play however you see fit), 2 invisibility, 3 mind games, 4 spamm, 5 hybrid, 6 generally weak numbers, strength in different aspects, 7 speed. 8th not needed. OR at least something similar to urgod. If anyone knows - feel free to PM, thanks for the huge read, about common things.
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