Ryze nerf direction idea

Hello everyone. So, I'm going to start out by saying that I agree fully that Ryze is overpowered at higher levels of play, and I agree he needed nerfs, and they nerfed him 3 times just recently, which is understandable. However: I agreed with the first nerf. His shields were insane late and no one could flee from him with that movespeed. I agreed with the second nerf, his damage was un-fun to play against as a squishy with W-E-Q oneshotting late. However, the third nerf, rather, not the W nerf, but the cooldown increase on E nerf. I really dislike this nerf, not because of the size of the nerf, but rather the fact that it is in my opinion un-fun and clunky. The first game I played after the nerf was the most un-fun game I had as Ryze ever, and I've played around 600 games of Ryze. I have an idea though, nerf the ultimate. Ryze ult is wayyy to strong at high levels of play or with communication. Make it less strong in those cases, and still decent in SoloQ cases. **I suggest you could increase the channel-time of the ultimate, which would give the team in SoloQ more time to react to it, and give enemies more time to flee.** This is not that big of a hit on SoloQ, however is very big on higher levels of play, which is where Ryze is strongest. TLDR: The cooldown increase on E feels un-fun and clunky, and hits SoloQ hard. Nerf Ryze R channel-time instead by increasing it, which will hit higher levels of play hard, and SoloQ not so hard, which would be perfect for balance state.
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