My attention to League since season 7 up until now has been going downhill dramatically.

I have not written in these forums in years and I honestly do not like the direction the game is going which in turn has made me and 7 other IRL friends stop playing seriously since season 7. a little bit about me: I have been playing league since season 3 up until season 6, I barely just got into diamond in season 5 and was at my promos to diamond several times in season 6. I got sick of the game when they introduced dynamic queue and was downhill from there. I have played on and off for a few games since season 7 till now. I have probably play 20-40+ games a year from someone who use to play this game 5-12 hours a day for 3 years. League was my passion, league was everything, league gave us status among our friends. it mattered if we played well or not. I remember a time when wining your lane meant everything. the game depended on how many lanes came out the strongest, now you can win your lane and win the mid game but if you mess up 1 team fight and your team is on a 40 second death timer then that team, that has never won a single team fight in the game, has now gone through 5 turrets and a inhibitor. worst case scenario. but this happens quite often no matter how big of a lead you have. the lanneing phase does not matter. I can go 0/10 and still contribute to team fights and win a game. games use to last 30-60+ minutes now they last 20-40 minutes. since me and my friends have decreased our play time dramatically I thought others might have felt the same. The point is you can loose a game even when ahead with one mistake and this is frustrating to know you came out of lanning phase fed and you miss click during a team fight or just do somthing silly and the games over. I am surprised this 20 min a game meta is still here. sometimes I just think to my self how badly i want to get back into the game, then i play a few games and win my lane hard and still loose the game. I understand that its possible to loose when your ahead but it happens alot. There is just no room for error at all.

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