State of modes

That was very sad to read. I personally think odyssey was the best event in league history, and i loved all the different rotating gamemodes, the more different it is, the more excitting after playing the same SR game over and over again. TFT turned out to be an extreme disappoinment for me, it's basically a 40 minute mobile game, but maybe even has less content and interaction than one. As for URF, it always seemed just random dumb key smashing, without any clear effort just random people win or lose, wouldn't even call it a game at that point, just roulette with some fancy character animations. I am starting to see a pattern where the most simple gamemodes and ones that require the least braincells get prioritized over the others because they attract marginally bigger crowds (not even necessarily enjoyed more, as they only look at games played). I guess this too, can be chalked up to the tencent aquisition, ever since then the company became too capitalistic and also lowering the standard constantly on how complex and for what intelligence are they targeting the product. What do you think? Referring to this update on the state of modes:
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