Our approach towards Preseason micropatching and balance

_Hi everyone! Gonna quote my colleague **Maple Nectar** here, Producer on the Live Team (aka Balance team), with a few words about runes reforged and current and future game balance:_ https://media.giphy.com/media/rl0FOxdz7CcxO/giphy.gif As you’ve almost certainly noticed, Runes Reforged is finally here! I can’t even begin to express how fun and exciting it is to get to be a part of the journey as we usher in the largest gameplay update to League ever! We’re super stoked to see how the new system changes how you look at the game, how they impact the decisions you make, and how your path to victory is forged with the new runes. They've been live for 2 full days now (1 if you’re not from OCE), and we're starting to get a clearer picture of what the “balance” landscape looks like in this new world. We’re seeing tons of experimentation (Klepto support GP, Glacial Augment Jhin) which we’re super happy to see, as those creative decisions are something we were really hoping to get out of Runes. With that in mind, I'd like to take a moment to briefly discuss how we'll be approaching balance in the next few days/weeks in this post, and make sure everyone understands what we're trying to accomplish. Firstly, our goal is not going to be “get every champion to 50% winrate as fast as possible”. That wasn't our goal before pre-season, and that doesn’t change with everything out in the wild now. With Runes we expect to see a lot more creative decision making than before, choices that vary based on the champion you’re taking, your team comp, and who you’re facing. There’s sure to end up being some level of optimization between champions and the new runes system, but when a player gets creative and comes up with a really smart combination of champion and runes, we expect them to also be rewarded with a greater chance to succeed. That being said, there are always edge cases, and if we see something that warps gameplay in a way we’re not happy with (ie. Nocturne with Dark Harvest one shots people at lvl 6 with his ult), we’ll step in and intervene even if his “winrate” looked within reason. We’re **starting **to get an idea of how things are **shaking **out, though for a change so huge it’s going to take quite some time until dust settles and we have a clear picture of how everything looks both individually and in the larger picture. We're going to try to solve **the right issue**, so if we see a champion succeeding disproportionately with a specific set of Runes compared to other champions in it’s class, we’re likely to take a good hard look at that individual champion and the things that changed around it (base stats, keystones etc). If an entire class moves disproportionately, that’s a signal of systemic changes being the culprit, so we’ll look to solve that as opposed to changing each individual champion. We don’t want to make the mistake of over correcting anything, since preseason is supposed to be a time of experimentation and creative decision making, but you can expect us to start acting proactively on things we’re not quite comfortable with. Tomorrow we’re likely to start talking about what we intend to micropatch and work on before Patch 7.23 lands. We're super pumped to see the crazy shit you’re trying, so keep it coming and **[Preseason responsibly](https://youtu.be/1FUrZX54jw8)**.
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