LeBlanc nerfed little too much?

So I've played LB after this nerf to check her out now, and I have to say her game is so weak right now, it's LAUGHABLE. Let me tell you why. It's all good till mid game where she falls now even HARDER than before. She is Assassin right? Yet she has to wait quite a long time to actually kill someone let alone more than 1 person. Even Lux or Karma, Lissandra, Syndra.. etc who are mages can do MASSIVE DMG and burst someone better than LB as Assassin? I was wondering why tho? Such nerf for LB. That W nerf from 245 base dmg to 100+ 20% ap? really? A bit disappointed now since she is like NO MATCH for players like Fizz, Rengar, Talon.. .etc other assassins since they can delete you in 1 sec.
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