Match makings biggest flaw in ranked.

Iv'e talked about this many times but never really had much of a response but now it's getting to a point where it's unbearable to stand. The biggest floor in this match making system is matching teams with equal experience, personally this game is completely experienced based, experience obviously comes from playing more games. For instance in the majority of circumstance, a Silver 3 player with games played is normally better than that of a Gold 5 with 50 wins. When players join the rift i think they should be matched with equal experienced team mates because with experience comes with things like, counter building, when to take objectives, when to push, when to freeze etc. This is not so much an issue in Plat and above but for Gold and below this becomes a big problem and has resulted in me losing many games due to inexperienced players, what do you guys think would love to hear your opinions- NoFiddle.
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