Nothing makes sense anymore...

Congratulations for making the most frustrating game. It's like you're aiming for some sort of reward of the most broken game with ####ing the community in the ###hole. Like I'm playing Gnar, have 1 short of maxing out W, I have Black Cleaver and other damage item, and Poppy same gear gold wise but ONLY defensive items. I carry Ignite and Poppy has Teleport. #1 I can't %%%%ing chase this girl, and he has same boots as me, I it's like you gave her passive move speed buff of gazillion or something. I'm jumping through 2 minion waves, I'm using Black Cleaver constantly for move speed and I'm not even closing on her. #2 I try duel her and all she does is throw that stupid coin of hers, collects it and keeps hammering the minion wave like I don't exist. #3 I actually lose damage against her when I morph into this stupid and slow form that is actually supposed to be strong but is like super weak against her #4 Saw Lee Sin kick Poppy with like 100 health and she survived. Didn't have any aftershock proc going on or anything, just didn't die. How do you execute something like that when every skill does like 50 damage? Like she doesn't use R ever. She carries Teleport. She gets constantly harassed under tower and I get it finally down after like 6 pushes. I get ganked once and I lose my tower in a single push. What is this crap!? I don't understand anything about this game anymore. And I'm playing this game daily and every day I'm surprised of how little stuff I'm expecting is actually performing, and how much enemy with 0 damage gear is suddenly destroying me from full health. - I'm really starting to think Heroes of the Storm is FAR surpassing this game at this point... and I hate that game to the level I deleted my Blizzard account. - Like do you have any idea how badly you're constantly screwing the community? Is your goal to just make everyone leave your game or what?
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