Dynamic Queue Matchmaking balanced.

I've more/less analyzed multiple accounds during dynamic queue to find out how it matches all those players. I was interested about analyzibg Dynamic queue after i startet with a small loosing streak on my main accound that now continues up to 28 loses in a row. First of all, I understand Dynamic Queue is not SoloQ and that this early in the season that the latter is very chaoitig during to those insane placements. I've whatched a few players sinse Dynamic Queue was fully released after a short time in SoloQ at the start of Season 6. I've seen some decent matches, however there are 3 type of an algorhytm that i found out during soextacting. There are also 3 cases how ppl will have their MM done in Dynamic Queue (Pls note thst it is played like SoloQ and all those players were by themselfes). 1. You get a more or less fair matchmaking. In this case you started your placements in dynamic queue and had on your first 20 Games a very solid winratio of around 50%. The chances of you getting decent - good Teammates will now be also around 50%. 2. You started with a huge winstreak and you were able to carry even the hardest games. From now on you can chillex, since Dynamic Queue isn't going to match you with 9 other player on same lvl. In your team will most likely be 4 other people with huge winstreakes and in the enemy team there will be 5 ppl with a loosing streak. 3. You screwed your first games and lost almost every single one due to bad luck. Sometimes people have a bad day, sometimed a bad weak and lose a lor in SoloQ. But Dynamic queue puts that on a whole bew lvl. It does not matter how good you have played in thode lost games and if they were hard to carry onces where you did a very small mistake to lose. Dynamic Queue will still throw you with the same people in one team. Now you could say, what's the difference between SoloQ? It's easy. SoloQ throws you in a game wirh 9 other players with similar MMR so you all have about the same win/lose ratio in the past 20 games. However i feel like DynamicQueue throws you ONLY in your own team with other players with the same MMR. In the enemy Team can be almost everything, as long as it's not to extreme. So the MM in Dynamic tmactually looks at one point which elo you have and takes out 10 players. Then it looks like it throws the bad ones in one team and all the better ones in the other, this ends up, obviously, in a not fair matchmaking. So at the end the matchmaking got a snowbally type. Either you win most of your game just as freelo or you lose all of them. On mx own accound, I play my position allways decent - good and get a lead that sometimes is big enough to be told as snowball. However, in almost every game, almost all other players in my teams got allways stomped. So I have to be very unlucky that I face allways 4 enemies that are snowballing atleast as hard as I am. Overall I've whatched over 30 accounts and have seen almost every single game due to spectating them or recording a replay of those and I've whatched them all for about 2 weeks now. I'm not sure if it is like i wrote or if it's only coinsidence. Also 3 out of 30 Players were even more unlucky. They faced almost in every game enemies that were premading as 4 or 5. So those players were in team mostly with ppl wo were premading as 3/4. Also what I think, it should be guaranteed almodt to a 100% that you will not have to face almodt full premading enemies, since it allows them easy cheese and bettet coordination overall. As example there are 5 friends Queing in ranked and other 4 ones. They will play now against each other, only 1 guy with one position is missing for the team with 4 ppl. Now there is only one guy out there wirh exactly that position. Now he allready played in such a match. The system should respect that and wait longer for those 2 team until they find someone else who fits in. So much to what I've whatched, I could be totally wrong and I just could've had bad luck with all my spectates. Now to two question: 1. What is the best way to win in soloing in Dynamicqueue? 2. What's the best way to get out of those loosing strikes in Dynamicqueue. Also i cannot wait until SoloQ comes back, so many problems will be solved.
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