Match Overview Neglects Turret kills/damage

Hi guys, So I'm currently climbing the ranked ladder and I've been keeping tabs on my post game performance, specifically through and the match history option on this website and in game. One thing that has been bothering me, is that both and LoL appear to neglect turret damage/kills in the main overview. Clicking on the match overview tab will display total champion kills, damage to champions, wards placed and gold earned, but there is no emphasis on turrets. Surely turret damage should be a point of focus with regards to match overview? The new turret system intrinsically links taking turrets to gold gain, and furthermore, taking turrets is key to winning games. I know you can drill into statistics and scroll down to find a small marker of turret damage. I'm just expressing my thoughts that this should be a focal point for both and LoL with regards to match overviews. It also makes me wonder whether or not's ranking system i.e mvp, ace etc. considers turret damage when determining the mvp or just kills/gold. What do you all think?

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