I don't knwo why people keep complain about Yuumi as they complain about every champion at only couple of hours after it get released. I finally manage to play her since I did not have the patience to play her in the "hot" hours when people whining, banning her in normal draft, picking her or endless queues doges. She's really funny and interesting, her double heal is interesting and I don't see why people complain, her q detach not so special but attached is really interesting and do a lot of damage and slow and you can go around frontline to get the backline with the missile. In team fights you can be safe not worry to care for your health and "drive" the q around and people tend to ignore it. Her ultimate is also nice and interesting, and attached its ally job to hit with it. I found it's better when use it and chase to be on a frontline attached and they go in enemy so they automate hit it, I was attached to a darius and he demolished the enemy. ******************** I played her on 2 accounts on this one as support and was alright and on my main in normal draft I did not got support and I was with 4 premades, I went Yuumi top and was alright, sure she is not a laner champ for sure compare with other sports that can lane but since was normal game nobody was angry, I was vs fiora and I stood safe in tower, I had half farm but didn't feed and in team fights since the premades had ahri support was perfect so I acted as support when fights started. I found many funny interactions, and interesting strategies and to be honest I was happy with her, can't say she can be great in rank or not, maybe other supports are better, but i am 100% sure the most downside of her are the team whining and specially adc whining, if a trend that she is bad will start then adc will whine all time and blame you for everything even if they will die in situaitons that no other support could save them. **A cool interaction**: me detach to block an cait ult so adc don't take damage then attach back and become untargetable so I didn't care I am very low hp and could use heal on him and q to slow/damage enemy and we won a teamfight. (just a tiny example) I read some guides and I have no idea why nobody recommend this item which I think so great on her for extra slow {{item:3905}} , hit this and you can make easy hit with q and maybe ult and people can't escape. ******** I have some questions which I didn't realize in my game, if I attach on invisible allies, I will show to the enemy we are coming and they see a floating cat that look attached even if there's no allies near ? so they realize I am not alone ? or i'm invisible to ? Have fun with the cat and stop hate, she's a fun champ, maybe not best support, can't say yet how strong or weak she is but she's clearly funny! {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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