Laning Phase is too Short!

The problem with League today is that you never really get much of a chance to recover from an early gank or an accidental feed. Towers go down way too fast, especially with AD champions which is completely unfair to AP champs who chunk a tower down at a tiny level while a {{champion:157}} and {{champion:18}} and {{champion:23}} can chunk down a tower in a laughable number of seconds or hits (making you think the towers are made of butter). The laning phase of this game has gone too short, I cannot take {{champion:115}} or {{champion:101}} mid because it takes too long to do decent damage and counter an enemy {{champion:157}}. We simply do not have enough time to scale up, leave lane and get some items under our belts before the tower goes down because of that massive damage AD does to it. Can I make a suggestion? Make towers immune to any increase of AD apart from the base amount on that champion, it would help to make towers stronger and more able to defend most early mages while making sure that AD champs cannot chop their way through towers in 3 hits.
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