Annie gameplay post 6.9 is bugged and ruined pls revert

6.9 destroyed Annie and here is why: []( People can get out of your W or R by walking outside the range. The "people won't get stunned when they're out of range" fix is just a significant hidden nerf of W and R range that makes confirmed Annie players miss 50% of their ults when they should have hit before 6.9. Also Tibbers is less responsive to orders: sometimes he won't stay where you sent him and move on his own. The AoE burn damage (both base damage and AP ratio) has been divided by 2. It's a problem because you can't actually deal damage with Tibbers attacks: if Tibbers autoattacks a target, then he stops walking, so he won't be able to reach the target again. All the purpose of controlling the bear was to deal AoE burn damage on a long duration by ordering Tibbers to stalk people without hitting them. It wasn't quite easy to do since you had to constantly move the bear while moving your own character, but you had a high reward from mastering it. Now, you just press R and watch Tibbers do his shit without ordering him anniething 'cause he won't listen annieway. Of course, the "enrage" thing allows Tibbers to stay in range of an enemy for a few seconds, but once the enrage effect is over the bear is pure and utter shit (because its damage has been divided by 2) and hardly movable. Plus you nerfed the bear drop base damage and AP ratio. Still, the worst thing is the nerf of W and R ranges. PLEASE REVERT THE FIX THAT ALLOWED PEOPLE TO WALK OUTSIDE THE RANGE AFTER THE BEAR CAST. I'm sad because i feel like i spent 10% of my lifetime these 4 last years in front of my computer playing Annie and you fucked it up, I have 816k champ mastery on her rito pls do something.
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