The FORGOTTEN Champion Skins .

Hello .. League of legends has 139 Champions in total, almost all of these Champions has at least 1 **High Quality ** Skin, except For some Champions including the one and only! One of the best and Fun Champions to play in the game: **Shaco** {{champion:35}} ! Who's pick ratio is 5.98% ( statistics-Normal games-all Leagues) which is equal to the number #61 of 139 Champion (means that he is getting picked more than other 78 champion -Quick math LUL-), Also beating lots of Champions, who of course has some good quality Skins (ex: Fiora#70, Diana#85, elise#121, even Aatrox, the champion that was rarely see in the Summoner's rift, has pretty nice quality Skins -ex Mecha Aatrox-). Also, let's not forget that Shaco release date was in 2009-10-10, while Vi who's release date was in 2012-12-19 has better Skins than Shaco, or even Jhin who's release date was in the beginning of 2016, even tho that he doesn't have a lot of Skins, but his Current skins can be considered all as Good/high Quality Skin (with the recall animation, spells animation, some random Quotes after kills or death ..etc), and as for Me, i prefer to have 2 good quality Skins than 7 Skins with the only difference between them is the splash art. {{champion:35}} **Shaco** is not getting what he deserves, there are a lot of Players manning him, and as for me i'm an OTP Shaco player with +700k score, owns all the Skins but the "Workshop Shaco", but still, all those skins looks almost the same during the game-play, the only difference between these Skins is the splash art/the Picture in the loading screen. i hope some Rioter reads this, and i really hope (speaking in place of all the otp shaco players out there) to see some good skins of Shaco soon! Also, i think there are some other champions that have the same case as Shaco, but i couldn't look into all the skins of every champion, so if anyone here is a Main/OTP of some Champion, and he thinks that he need some Good Skins, Comment here and let us know what you think, and let's just hope that we all get what we are looking for someday soon! Thank you for your time !
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