Towers dont feel like towers

Since we are expecting akali's new rework release, i thought this was a right moment to address the issue of TOWERS and their functionality. Given akalis W (shroud) which will block tower shots or simply speaking wont activate them at all bcs you are going to be invisible, tower dives will happen more often. what's the tower function? it protects allies in a specific range and deals dmg to enemies who enter in the range or draw aggro. But when lvl 9 miss fortune can solo dive me, kill me and walk out as if nothing happened, it gives me a hint that towers are total BS. i've been wanting to write this and since i saw akali's abilities i decided that it was time. Towers lose their function with tanks, for poppy or sion or any other tank, towers simply do not exist from mid-game to late-game. Towers only influence games when stupid people dive HARD at lvl 2. thats it. if nasus is chasing me at lvl 12 under my tower with ult activated, there is no chance i can rely on tower shots bcs it simply doesnt deal dmg. now im not saying i want them to disintegrate champs but they need to have higher dmg late game. towers disappear in late game, they simply dont serve any purpose. they represent small barricades that give some gold. that's it. EDIT: Why does this item exist in shop again? {{item:3056}} oh right...tower dives yeah...good luck investing in something you wont ever use.
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