Autofilled Supports on low elo

Hello i will try to keep this topic short as my english is not that great. So my biggest and heaviest problem with league of legends at this point is the fact that as a primarly ADC player on Gold 4 i get a absurd amount of 'autofilled' supports in my games which really hurts my play experience significantly because a autofilled support on low elo has a really poor understanding of even the basics of the game itself, let alone of the ''boring'' support role that they are forced into by the system to keep que times short. I would much much rather see a option to disable autofilled ques or disable 1 specific autofilled position when i que up for a ranked game and would happily wait 10+ minutes for a person that atleast knows theyr role to some degree then to get a autofilled person who i have to rely on as a ADC. please consider this as a option in the future because for me personnally having these kinda games so regarly on my elo might actually force me to quit the game because it is a really really shitty/bad experience..... {{summoner:3}}
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