Harder to carry this season?

Hello Guys! To be clear, it's not a crying post, or anything like that. I'm an average player. I can hit gold in a week in every season, then I play normal with my friends, since it's more fun to me. My peek was like plat 3. I'm still playing at a low/mid platinum level since I play with my diamond friends in diamond MMR games. Sometimes I pop off, sometimes... yeah sometimes not. Since I'm not that good So, two of my friends just started league, so I decided to level up an account with them. And hoooooly shit. After the first 2-3 games when we crushed starting players, it started to become really REALLY hard for me to carry those games. Most of the time - since I'm smurfing - I just destroyed my lane, but someone in the team fed the enemy so hard it was really hard to close the game. I played like 12 games, and we "only" won about 9 of them. Most of the time, I'm almost felt myself useless even if I had 20+ kills and a decent amount of farm. I played like jungle Vayne or some fun shit, but I think when the skill difference comes in my mind, i should crush them in every single game up until we hit at least gold. I remember that was a time, when I played Tristana in the botlane, I had 23 kills and 250 CS at like 30 min, and when I tried to killed the enemy Irelia she just one shoted me with 3 items -one of them being an AS boots - (Again, I know how to play and play against those champions). And there was one time, when I was on top lane with Riven, and when I hit my second item, they just crushed 2 inhibs. Back in the day when I tried to climb and I felt burned out, I just hopped on my smurf, picked whatever i wanted and just crushed the enemy team in silver/gold elo. I'm also feeling it on my main, when i'm playing alone, that sometimes - and really often - i cant control the game by any mean. Or we just crush the enemy and they can't do sh.t about it even if they have a good player. Do you guys think the game became more team based and less 1v9, is it because of the lesser game time or I just suck and thats all. Also, don't judge my english pls, it's not my native language. Have fun reading this, Ariin
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