Why do peple hate ADC?

_**EDIT: HAHAHAH so u actually get downvoted for simply asking out of curiosity (nicley) and just pointing this out. wauw, sorry but that's so pathetic lol**_ I read a few threads about this, but don't feel like they were explanatory enough. I haven't played for so long but so far I like adc and mid most. I can imagine that I would like jungling too, but since the role seems a little more complex I thought I would try and get better at just a couple of roles first, before I move on to learning how to jungle well. Plus, if I know the lanes well, I'll have a better judgment on where to gank, have a better map awarness, lanes understanding etc etc. Anyways! the only thing I don't like about being an adc, is that it's not a solo role. When I play with my friend (rank dia), the games would be more structural but they're ofc mostly at a much higher skill level then I am, so I get to learn stuff the hard way but when I play alone sometimes there wouldn't even be a support at all - that makes it a little harder or is it just me? If there's a support sometimes they would either be really bad or simply don't fit with my champions abilities. Otherwise, I really do enjoy the role and a few of their champs. I like MF (which also is a hated champ for some reason lol) and Lucian. There was even a dude name "I Hatez ADC" or something, and on boards where people rank their most and least liked roles, adc is defiantly on the low end. **Do you hate ADC, if so why and if not do you know why a lot of people do?** I know there's a lot of history, but what's that to do with the current present. I'm just curious cause I don't have that much knowledge about this, so hope you can answer my question. Thank you! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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