Why was Mana Regeneration removed from mage items?

When I play a mage like {{champion:43}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:163}} I always instinctively try to get the most out of their kit by reaching the cdr cap and sustaining the ability spam with mana regen. Even 2 years ago, building mana was bad, since spending that money on raw AP instead lead to much more damage and easier kills. You just had to sacrifice the fun of using your abilities for mindgames and smaller trades for that. However over Season 6, Riot kept pushing mana regeneration into suppot items and every mage item had mana regen replaced with maximum mana. They even removed the mana regen passive of {{item:3174}} and replaced it with some odd healing boost for supports. {{item:3092}} became the alternative, but it didn't take too long until Riot patched it and halfed the mana regen. I get the point, that Riot wants mages to not use their abilities when it is not needed, but it removes what I liked about playing mages.
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