Challenger Euw, rank 76. Tips for fellow soloq players.

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Hello you! This post will be about me, my short but successful League of Legends experience and tips that I want to give to you, fellow solo queue players. I am 19 years old, I started playing league in the end of s4. I ended s5 in low diamond and s6 in master 0lp. This season I had a very fast steep climb from d3 to Challenger 570 pts in about 10 days period. My op gg: I learned few important things that can help any soloq player out there who are struggling to escape from their elohells. 1) Never rage/ ping spam. Keep calm, focus on the game, let all your teammate's mistakes go. The more you get distracted by your teammates trolling/inting etc. the less are your chances to win. While cheering up your teammates requires some (alot) of mental strength, it certainly affects your chances to win. 2) Always think, analyse the situation, always watch the map and read it. Think where the jungler is every goddamn second. Once you stop giving up random deaths that can be avoided via losing 1-3 cs you will realise how easy it is to allow your team to win. If you get camped just soak the exp ( exp range is higher than the vision range ). Even if you stay outside of the enemy vision on you, you can still get exp thus avoiding a ton of ganks. 3) This one is for the support players. The lower the elo the more you need to communicate in chat. Below d1 pings are not enough to explain what exactly you are trying to do when you roam. If you don't know how to roam, then watch streams of high elo support players. You can learn from me as well. But there are other players as well. 4) Always focus on finishing the games. The moment you start inting/ overstaying after taking enemy inhib/ nexus turret you are giving up a free win to the enemies. Ping your team, shout do everything the make them go back and reset!!! I lost 10% of my free win games because i was not persuasive enough in such situations Feel free to ask me questions, With love, Yours, Sàviour
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