Matchmaking forcing me to lose

Which i don't understand is why every moba forces you to lose when you go over 50% win rate, I'm at a 65% win rate, I understand what you are going to say "You get better players in the other team" but give me unskilled players on my team which is NOT FAIR!, 2 games in a row, Played amazing in both games, My adc/mid and top were useless, I went Support and my ADC was really bad, Like terrible, Didn't understand how to click on someone right, Always "Missclicking" .... So i roamed and did more for the team but still lost because the team was horrible. Go over 50% = Force loss, Its a thing and always has been!, I'm not tilting or flaming, Not trying to but forcing me into a unskilled team is stupid and waste of 45 minutes of my time when they dont surr
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