Someone in the Marksman category help a fellow out.

At the moment all I'm seeing are assassins getting buffed, bruisers getting buffed and mages getting buffed. As a Marksman I'm starting to feel as if I no longer deal damage to champions and being rendered useless. Just simply there for poke damage. There are buffs like Zed having his ult every 60 seconds or less and It's just not manageable. Example; Zed comes along, ults and kill my support - then after that I push my wave which is near my turret and not to over extend and he ults again. Like come on. Is it time again where I have to rush Guardian Angel once more? Before Patch 8.5 I believe it was, I was able to carry games as Marksman because I had the damage etc and now I genuinely do feel useless haha. I for one think it's time for Marksman items overhaul to happen. Anyway, need some advice here.
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