Rengar Rework

Patch 6.22: "For all of Rengar’s past history of being frustrated, let’s set one thing straight: we’re actually okay with him leaping on someone and then swiftly murdering them. Rengar’s issue hasn’t been that his assassinations are too effective, _**rather that his victims have almost no time to react to his attacks.**_ This makes Rengar’s role a binary one - recklessly diving onto targets with no hope of retaliation, or recklessly diving and getting obliterated. Rengar’s update is focused on leveling out these extremes on both ends of the spectrum. For opponents, this means better awareness of when Rengar’s on the hunt and who he’s got in his sights. For Rengar, this means giving him access to more potent defensive tools so he can live to fight leap another day when things go south. Rengar still rewards patience and awareness, and now he’s got more flexibility to boot. " I used a crescendo today **_during_** his leap out of stealth to stun him and he still one shot my Ezreal with Iceborn Gauntlet (late game, team was grouped). I build a frozen Heart and he still one shot me as Sona under a turret in the late game. Yes, it's cannon minion Sona, yes, he was fed. Still - he is as silly as he was before the 6.22 Rework. In another game I build a Zhonyas Hourglass as midlaner. I tried to be ready to use the active under my turret and was dead before I even could use barrier or Zhonyas. I don't enjoy this. At all. We all hate the AD Carry Meta, but fixing meta problems with a sledge hammer is questionable. It's hard to deny him his first 1 or 2 stacks for his bonetooth necklace since in Solo Q people don't respect his early game.
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