When is Riot going to stop sneaking shit into the game???

I've noticed COUNTLESS times, where some numbers have changed in runes, items ect. Nowhere is it mentioned in patchnotes that they've changed. Just one off the top of my head, they nerfed the armor on tabis and stated it in patchnotes, a patch or so later i notice that they've also changed the numbers on the Tabi's passive, went and looked at league wiki, the change is stated. mhm, okay i'll let it slide. Maybe i missed it. i've said this every time i've seen something change that hasn't been listed in patchnotes. Just now i noticed that Celerity has been changed from 2% increased movespeed to 1.5% and i am 100% SURE it was 2% before patch 8.17! I look back at patchnotes, nothing about a change, except they've decided that in 8.12 the movespeed increase went from 3% to 1.5%, Funny how it doesn't mention anywhere why it was 2% last patch, y'know, after the adaptive ratios were gutted? This wouldn't annoy me so much if Celerity hadn't had it's adaptive values gutted right before this, and that it's just further proof to me that Riot is being sneaky as %%%% with their changes.... I refuse to tell myself once again, that "maybe i missed something" I'm tired of it!

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