I think Riot should slow down. (Opinion post)

Riot your game is a mess right now. You keep release stuff that is nightmarish to balance. - Yuumi is currently beyond broken. - Mordekaiser is completely ridiculous. - Akali rework was a complete failure. - Tahm Kench is rampaging the top lane. - Pyke is played everywhere BUT support. - Bruisers are being better tanks than tank champions. - Riven and Vayne STILL haven't been actually nerfed for the past several patches despite being really dominant in their respective roles. EDIT: i forgot about the rageblade nerfs, you can ignore the part about vayne. - Nobody even likes the new Champion (Qiyana) because of her character design. Seeing new champions used to be fun and interesting but with the game in the messed up state that it's in I think Riot should slow down and focus on the game they currently have before they even consider introducing new content.
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