PLEASE make a Zhonya-like item for ADCs

Title. Zhonya is pretty much useless on almost every adc, Guardian Angel only procs when one dies and Stopwatch can be only used once. Can't we just have an item with the Stasis passive but instead of AP it gives AD/AS or even crit. I'm sick of Zeds facerolling me at 35+ minute games or Talons using one of their infinite walljumps to get into the backline, then ult and oneshot me. How about Katarinas teleporting via a few draggers and ulting after the team's CC abilities are down? A Zoe firing a max range Q when i already flashed last teamfight. A 10/1 Fizz with Deathcap hitting his ult. Jinx ult, Ziggs ult, Lux ult, Jhin's ult. There are so many examples of when a toggleable Active every 2 minutes is better than just dieing and getting 50% health back every 5 minutes If you're definitely not going to add such an item in the game, can you explain why? Why can AP champions benefit from such a useful item when ADCs have to do it with a one-time use stopwatch.. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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