REVERT Nerfs to AP Xin Zhao

Patch 6.4 notes
Greetings, Summoners Welcome to Patch 6.4, the one where Warlord's Bloodlust is useful. "But I love healing in combat!" you might say. To which we'd respond, "Just wait til' you get a load of it on Olaf!"
In patch 6.4, Riot nerfed Xin Zhao's AP scaling on his W from 70% to 40% because of the addition of the new jungle item, Devourer. AP Xin Zhao would most likely have been problamatic due to the Sated Devourer upgrade to this item where every second attack would heal a metric crapton. Now that devourer is removed and the passive was moved to a very expensive item as well as being made conditional (only after 6 consecutive attacks), I think that buffing it back to 70% would be doing justice to AP Xin Zhao players such as myself. thank very much
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