TFT - about the items

You can not buy items from gold or champions drops. Items make a big difference on how succesful a champion is. So, I dont know, maybe, just maybe, it would be more about tactics if you give the players the same amount of items? And,.. now that we are on the topic anyway. Why do loosers pick first in draft pick? I mean, if anything, the winner should pick first. Or, as so many have suggested already, maybe give everybody their own private draft pick? It is not a tactic to loose and then get rewarded better champions and items so that you win. OMG, what is this, some socialist idea that everybody is a winner? AND,...….. come on guys, PLEASE include some actual tactics in the game like for example: _**DISMOUNT AND DISASSEMBLE ITEMS FROM CHAMPIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**_ That would improve gameplay tactics sooooooooo much.
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