Champion Mastery Rework!!

Hello everyone, We’ve all been against or teammates with some people that have reached level 7 mastery on a specific champion, but don’t seem to be as good as they’re supposed to be. I’m not talking about people having bad games because that happens to the best of us. I’m talking about those who haven’t played that champion for a while or maybe the champion has been reworked and they’re not as good anymore. So, I want to address this issue with the current champion mastery system: If you reach level seven on champ, it doesn’t matter if you don’t play that champ anymore, it doesn’t matter if the champ gets buffed, nerfed or completely reworked… None of that matters, you’ll always be level 7 on that champion and it just doesn’t sound right nor does it sound fair. I suggest a rework and a design that not only indicates the level but also compensates players for maintaining a very good performance. The key things that need to be considered, in my humble opinion, are as follow: 1- Decay over time above level 5: Players should get at least S- grade once every 45 days or so, otherwise their champion mastery decreases one Level until they reach level 5; 2- Decay over time at level 5 and below: If the champion is not played for 45 days in a row, decay starts and player loses ¼ level, same thing happens if the champion is not played for another 45 days, thus players lose 2 levels per year if they don’t play a champion at all (S- grade and above not required to escape this decay); 3- Mastery points should stay intact because they are meaningful in a different way, only mastery level should decay; 4- When champions are reworked, mastery should go down 3 levels (ex: 7 to 4), because it’s almost like a new champ and people need to prove their skills… Again; 5- When champions are nerfed, mastery should go down 1 level (ex: 6 to 5); 6- A champion shard is to be given to people that went from level 7 to 6 or 6 to 5 no matter the reason, this way they will be able to get back to their level if they get the requested grades. OR, even better, only require IP or champion shards the first time a player gets to level 6 and 7. Upon decay, mastery tokens should be enough to get to the next level; 7- People that kept their level 7 mastery all season should get a gift (a mystery skin, or 3 Hextech boxes and keys…) or any reward that will encourage them to main multiple champions and get them to the max level. This is very important for the game and the players. Of course, losing a level because of a rework or a nerf should be taken under consideration, so if after such event a player can get back to level 7 in a specific amount of time, it shouldn’t count as a decay; 8- Add a decay countdown to the champion collection so that people can keep track of their progress and know what they need to do. Also push a notification when players have one week or less to play a champion or get at least S-. I believe champion mastery will be more meaningful and more rewarding this way, and I’m sure a lot of you guys would agree. Let me know if you think something else should be changed regarding the champion mastery. I hope we will see some changes soon enough on this area. Cheers!
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