Why you do this riot???

So i was playing the new ranked flex queue. i got ranked s1 with 7 wins 3 loses. so far so good. then i ranked up to gold v playing against diamond and platinum. okay all fine i got better and won my games. But today there was this news "We have rolled out a potential fix for the matchmaking issues in Ranked. If you have already placed into a League, you will need to play one additional placement game to determine your new ranking." So i thought wtf??? it went all fine. I started the queue and got matched with silvers. And our adc didnt know how to play his champ. It was a loss and now i got ranked into silver 4. Are u fucking kidding me??? i already was ranked into gold. and played against platinum and diamonds and did well. why u have to do this to me???? and im sure its not only me.... R.I.P{{item:3151}} https://gyazo.com/db955e3d11c8c2331d4e272401b3dc07 so riot calls this fair mm?????
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