Karma's inconsistent damage...

As a {{champion:43}} main (she is simply my favorite champion in League due to her passive/agressive playstyle and the multiple uses to all her abilities. She is also somewhat more defensive then most other mages.), I have played a lot of games with her and I find that her Q + Ult can either do awesome damage or be absolutely terrible. I think the veriable (the number used to randomly generate damage) is too high as she is really inconsistent with her damage. I am obviously aware that you have to take MR into account but if I nuke 2 targets with the same amount of MR, I get completely different results. Its only something that I've really noticed with Karma (probably because I've played her a LOT). Maybe Riot could have a look at her numbers and see if there is too much variation on her ult and make the damage somewhat more consistent because that his her only real way of dealing damage.
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