Upcoming Dragons...

Well, tell me what you think, but personally I find the upcoming Dragon changes completely broken. (Quick summary to anyone that doesn't know yet, there are going to be 4 different elemental dragons - Fire, Water, Earth and Air (each has different stats and attack patterns), each giving a different buff to the team. they'll spawn randomly and the same type may spawn twice in a row. From 35min, an Elder Dragon will spawn instead, which upon killing will give a temporary increase to all elemental dragon buffs, much like 5th dragon today.) --- So, here are the stats: "Fire - This unit has 8/16/24% (based on stacks) increased Ability Power and Attack Damage, +50% if they have Mark of the Elder Dragon. Water - Every 18/12/6 seconds this unit restores 10% of their missing Health and Mana, 15% if they have Mark of the Elder Dragon Earth - This unit deals 10%/20%/30% additional damage as True Damage to Epic Monsters and Towers, +50% if you have Mark of the Elder Dragon Air - >This unit has 15/30/45 (based on stacks) additional Out of Combat Movement Speed, +50% if they have Mark of the Elder Dragon." I think all these numbers are pretty broken (maybe except the Air dragon...), I think maybe if the elemental dragon buffs were lower, and instead compensate with the Elder Dragon buffs being higher (resulting in the same stats with Elder Dragon buff, but lower without), maybe it would be reasonable. Thoughts?
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