What is happening to the game right now??

It's like Riot wants me to leave... I can't believe that there are people being happy overall about the new features. - annoying plants - nerfed jungle - no draft normals - stuff like lethality - stealth -> camouflage/invisibility I feel like RIot thought to themselves "Oh, damn, all the people say that DotA is way more fun because it's more complicated. Let's add many unnecessary complicated stuff to the game so people can't say that anymore." GUESS WHY I'M NOT PLAYING DOTA!! I saw many bad patches in LoL playing since Season 1 but this is the first one that really makes me consider to move to another game. Well, not really consider. I'm actually sure, that I will leave if they will keep those changes. I surely won't play when I have to play Blind Pick if I don't feel like playing Ranked. That's crazy... They can't do this. Please, Riot. So much obviously bad ideas at once!

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