Why LB has such low winrate?

I'm not an {{champion:7}} mainer, but I would appreciate some new interactions. It is not like {{champion:7}} needs more damage. I don't need early oneshot power. But may be some interesting scaling? It feels right now {{champion:7}} is not enough to achieve victory as easy as with other champions. You either have to be challenger tier {{champion:7}} mainer, play her 100+ games or just always ask the jungler to walk around / not feed. Because it is really feels bad when your jungler suxx and feeds enemies. Because on {{champion:7}} you just get oneshot, without any ability to jump or do something. All these "interesting" champions are countering you hard, like champions with ultrabig MS, bursty {{champion:120}} . Babysitting {{champion:64}} . Midlaners with too big or too hard CC {{champion:142}} {{champion:1}} . Insane healing of {{champion:55}} and {{champion:84}} feelsbadman too. It is written that {{champion:7}} is "burst" champion, but I don't see much burst in her. These scalings are 60, 60, 70% and 120% with second chain. Mostly you can apply second W, so it is 75%. 60+60+70+75 = 265%. I know it's good damage, but in one of fights I was just oneshot by Akali, so I simply could not even finish the combo. I know I was behind, but it feels like not enough to even kill Akali while having Alpha in fight (I started first and she simply had more healing). It just feels like {{champion:7}} has the strength but it just cannot be used in some ways because you are so immobile outside of your casts, you cannot roam, cannot switch lanes beccause lack lane flexibility. All kit is very simplistic and spells do not interact with each other at all. They recently added this invisibility interaction, but it feels like it came so late. PS. I feel like {{champion:7}} has the ways to win, but something is missing, I rely on the mistakes of my enemies. But when I simply don't get enough information, it is just super-hard to do something. May be give {{champion:7}} the ability with some combo to place invisible vision shard somewhere on the map to get the vision, not counting to wards. Or something like that? When my team lacks confidence it becomes really hard to do something. Late game is definitely a problem. But also the problem is that when game starts to open, towers are falling, the lack of mobility is feeling more and more. You have to do farm AND also do the fights AND also do the objectives. And overall strength is not in these conditions. You cannot push, cannot teamfight, cannot help with objectives. Your one and only mission is to eliminate squishy enemies. PS2. I feel like Rito should do something with {{champion:7}} , the champion exists for so long time and this winrate seems like really "not right" for such old design. I feel like Rito should not twist with numbers again, but simply ADD to her abilities. Give her shield or smth on Q/E. Improve her Q in some way. May be give her additional healing reduction on Q? PS3. Also I found out that item path is totally messed up and wrong. People and Rito recommend Luden/Morello. Actually those are one of worst ever items, you pay for useless trash stats like "mana", "health". While actually you must rush Mejai and later progress into Spellbinder, Rabadon to maximize damage. To be able oneshot from 3 casts. That one saved extra-cast from R will be your outplay. You will basically go into use your spells only once, then die. No reason to buy all these useless items recommended to you by noobs. PS4. After all considered I can conclude that Rito games, being small indie company, is unable to deal with such struggling issues in their games like feeders and trolls, and on top of that not fixing champions they had all time along the game. May be in pro challenger tier LB has power, where people know they can place wards. But I am living not in challenger fkn tier, I am living in casual world, where your teammates are trash, junglers are feeding, botlane leaving pink wards untouched etc. Playing LB in this world of imbecils, practically any elo below Challenger is unrealistic. I didn't say "impossible". It is just not worth the effort of playing. Maining, gaining skill etc.
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