Make a colour blind mode that works?

This has been bugging me for years and I have tried countless times to bring it up with riot but they seem to care very little. The "colour blind mode" barely works, it does not seem to apply to champion abilities and if skins are worn by the enemy it can become nearly impossible to see and thus dodge abilities with most of my dodging based on the champions movements and guessing. I post this shortly after laning against a battlecast xerath, I have no idea what colour his skin was but needless to say he won the lane without me being able to fight back. Riot really needs to address this unfair problem, every time a high noon skin is released I die a little inside. If I turn colour blind mode on, it means Im colour blind and need assistance Im not asking for something to shout at me everytime I dodge I just need to be able to see what I am dodging. Unfortunately unless this gets support of the community (well even if it does) riot will not address this issue. What are your thoughts? _______________________EDIT SUGGESTION ADDED_______________________ My solution for this would be to implement a colour changer option, one where a person can manually set colours for things within the game, the ability to do this exist as they do this with skins and chromes. applying the same logic with a colour wheel would give those with different verities of colour blindness the chance to set it to what they can see. e.g. in colour blind option, choose the colour of allied abilities, choose the colour of enemy abilities. (I would probably go for blue and black personally and set the opacity to max so its just a huge black ability on my screen)

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