Why does rerolling 3 skins automatically unlock the permanent?

There's a lot of things I like about the loot system. Well, I'm a gambler, and I like getting free stuff, among others. One thing I do not like though, is rerolling. If you reroll three champion skin shards/permanents, or three ward skin shards, you're guaranteed a skin permanent you don't own of the same type. Up until that point, I'm fine with the concept. Problem arises when the permanent is **automatically unlocked**. Why? Why is it automatically unlocked? What if I don't like what I've rerolled, and would like to keep the permanent for another reroll later? How many times have I rerolled three champion skins worth 1350 just to get a 720 skin for a champion I already have a legendary skin for. Why not let me use that permanent for another reroll if I don't like it, or just already have a skin for this champion that I like better? The only way to not have a skin automatically unlocked is if you don't own the champion, in which case the permanent will sit in your loot inventory. Why can't it just do that regardless of whether you own the champion or not? What's the thought process behind this? Ward skins are the same thing. I know not many people care about ward skins, but the only ward skin I'd want from Hextech Crafting would be the Rammus ward, and my chances of getting that through rerolling are low, so why not let me use the permanent ward skin I get from a reroll for another reroll, so that I don't need to waste all my ward skin shards on ugly ward skins I'll never use anyway?
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