Ranked system

Is there like a thing that riot has made where if you have good mmr and have won a few games, maybe got promoted, u get matched like 10 games in a row with people who either go 0/10 in 10 minutes, goes afk after few deaths or something like that? Is it supposed to test your skills by giving you a silver teammate against full platinum team? Just feels weird My past games have been exactly like that.. Dont belive me? Look at my match history. I go 12/5 and would you look at that.. 8/20 bot lane.. i go 15/6 and oh cool every other player in my team is behind and feeding. Sure I know there are things I could do to help but when ur jungle and ur bot is 0/6 is 4 minutes and then flame you for not ganking when they die 2v2 3 times.. It's just irritating to know that you could've easily won if that one player wouldn't have went afk or said "i go feed"
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