Carrying lower MMR duo partners into higher MMR games and first timing in ranked?

Disclaimer - I am** NOT **a world beater at this game. I'm not moaning about the MMR system (as a whole). I'm not interested in toxic, or tactless responses. These are two genuine questions. I wasn't sure if this is a gameplay or player behaviour board post, i went with the former as i believe RIOT should take some ownership of managing this kind of behaviour. ** 1. Why does RIOT allow higher MMR players to carry their friends into duo matchups? This may just be an issue in lower MMR matchups. ** **Bit of background -** I am low Silver (S4/3 depending on my latest run). I try to play duo as much as possible, but this isn't always in a bot lane premade. **The Issue -** Basically, I have had several games (as an ADC not playing in premade bot lane) where there will be a S1/2 player in my game premade with a B3/4. The B3/4 almost always plays in the support role and they get completely outplayed by the silver opponents I'm trying to play into. It's almost impossible to win lane when I have a support that makes Bronze mistakes (before you gold/plat and diamond commentators jump in and tell me - yes i do make mistakes, but i make silver mistakes which are (typically) fewer than bronze): these are typically map awareness and positioning which lead to feeding (late from spawn at start game and face-checking the river bush is a classic). I had a Brand who died 5 times in 8 minutes giving the ADC 3 kills and the lux supp 2. My lane was completely lost and just farming under tower became neigh impossible. So, if the player base in bronze and silver is so big (the biggest in the game?) why not make it so you can only duo with a reduced range in the MMR? Nothing drastic, but a when a S1 can duo with a B4 thats almost 2 full divisions apart! The effort to balance the overall team MMR by having 1 significantly higher and 1 significantly lower than the average on the team creates an imbalance in the match and just makes the game unenjoyable. I can't be the only one experiencing this, whilst i appreciate it is probably more of an issue in the lower elos where we are all skillless scrubs! **2. Has RIOT considered introducing a minimum champion mastery level criteria for champion select in ranked play?** This should be self-explanatory for anyone who plays below plat. Players first-timing a champion in a game can be the cause for a loss and its tantamount to trolling (smurf accounts can't be the excuse or justification for allowing this). If RIOT are trying to create a game environment that is fun and enjoyable, stopping people trolling in ranked play should be a key element of this.
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