Ranked feels wrong to play currently

Okay, so back in Season 4 and downwards, hell even season 5 kind've, people were placed against/with people that were the same division or above. Back in season 3 I used to lolnexus the sh** out of every game, lets say I was Gold 5, 90% of the people in my game were Gold 5, too, with the exception of a Gold 4 maybe. You felt like you were playing at your skill level. Here's the problem now: Most of the time I'm scared to lolnexus my games because I'm scared of what I'd find. I mean dynamic queue is obviously the culprit. The other day their team had a Gold 1 ADC and ours was Silver 3? Silver 3 on his series to Silver 2. Obviously he was queueing with somebody, but no way a Silver 2 can stand a chance against somebody who's 1 division below Platinum. Obviously, our bot got stomped and we lost, whoopdeedoo, no biggie.. But every game now I'm seeing Silver 2's, Gold 1's (I'm Gold 4 currently). But it'll range from Gold 5>1's with some silvers. Like what? I guess I miss the days of being Plat 4 and lolnexus'ing the match to see I'm playing with some Plat 2's and being hella excited because I thought my MMR was improving and I was getting better. TL;DR, ranked matches are a mess, matched against Gold 1's, 2s, Plat Vs as a Gold 4... seems unbalanced.

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