Back after 2,5 years; Now stuck in Bronze 4. Which champs?

As the title states, I recently returned to League, after I stopped playing back in November 2014, been 2,5 years and I know I missed a lot, coming back to all these new stuff. I started playing back in Season 2 and I used to be in Silver 1 - Gold 4(Yeah I know, not really high) Now I just came back and I'm stuck in Bronze Hell O_o I missed a lot on updates, patches but the most important; Champions in current patch, meta and season. Which champs are good to carry my miserable life in Bronze? I can play every lane, I was used to that when I played League a lot. However looking for a role to get my ticket out of here, such as Mid or AD Carry. Which champs are good and the Tier? Help out a fellow old League player on this new massive League World. I'm not a player who rages or starts flaming all my teammates et cetera.. However recently I've been really pissed off, playing 22/4 Lucian and literally hard carrying my team, until they sold the game with stupid moves/dives/not regrouping/roaming alone all the time, and then we lost it.. The life in Bronze sigh (Placement game) Help out a fellow to get back on his tracks. I heard that God Tier champs currently is good to get me outta here, such as Twitch, Annie, Caitlyn, Orianna, Ahri and the list goes on.. FYI: Don't mind my Summoner name, I got a spare account from a friend, as I lost access to my old one (I used to play on EUNE, moved to Turkish and West the last 6 months before I stopped playing)
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