Let's Talk About Bonus Mana (a midgame issue)

Their are many stats in the game. Yet their is one stat that in my opinion is in an extreem unballanced spot. And that's the stat Bonus Mana. The game has evolved to a point it start to become an handicap for many champions and how some evolved with this. With just another {{champion:13}} rework arround the corner you probally known what I'm talking about. It seems the biggest issue with that stat on it's own is that it's getting hold back by some champions that scale with it like {{champion:53}} {{champion:112}} **!! {{champion:38}} !!** and {{champion:13}} offcourse. Despite it's true that some champions take other stats hostage like {{champion:157}} with crit and {{champion:3}} with Magic Resistance, it not nearly as bad as how bonus mana has been taken hostage. Not only because it curves the power of some items, it's also how many champions (mages for example) that are depended on the stat. With so many pressure on the midgame right now and how many champions are reworked or are buffed for the midgame (marksmen, early game champions with midgame buffs, etc...). With changes like that {{item:3070}} can no longer function in the game. The Tear Awe Passive combined with the mana regen makes some champions to depended on it and dominates the strength of them. I don't like to be the boogieman here but I fear it's time to let Tear go. I can agrea with some tweaks we can make Tear work again. But is it really worth it for the limitations it creates for us right now. Here is an suggestions how the removal of Tear can work: * {{item:3024}} + {{item:1058}} = {{item:3003}} (transforms into {{item:3040}} after farming 100 cs) * {{item:3024}} + {{item:1038}} = {{item:3004}} (transforms into {{item:3042}} after farming 100 cs) _The transformations would provided additional stats besides the active/passive that is provided with it. We can even give it something similar to {{item:3191}} that provides you stats for each cs you kill._ With the removal of Tear some champions can recieve compensation by base stat buffs or by creating mana refund mechanics in their kit. This could be an easy solution to make {{champion:81}} lane again. Here are some examples: * Ezreal Mystic Shot (Q) mana cost is refunded if it kills the target. * Ryze Overload (Q) mana cost is refunded if it kills the target (doesn't matter it he get's a rework again anyway). * Anivia lower cost on her abilities * Zilean Rewind Mana cost is free and other abilities cost has been reduced. * Etc... I think it's time to make hyper carries less depended on lategame items and more how hard they scale with the items provided. How would you take on the bonus mana problem. Discuss
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