Mainreason why ranked is 100% pointless.....for ever...

since duoq, ranked means NOTHING !!!! if you met a dia player, he might be boosted since duoq is begging to be abused.... BUT riot is really in making ranked even worse!!! lets make dynamic-q ....pretty much the most pointless ranked system in history. 1 guy can play like shit who belongs in silver and the other may be premades....and they will carry the shit out of him. one example for duoq being abused was "Athene"....he paid some dia player to boost him to diamond soloq has to be SOLO_Q !!! not fuckin duoq! !! What? you want to play ranked with your friends? sure bro, go play flex-q, 2,3 and 5 premades, no problem. BUT SOLOQ HAS TO BE SOLOQ !!!!! What? you want soloq rating for playing with friends?..... so a road sweeper is asking for asking for a million dollar salary? you will get want you are working for, for soloq-rating and you will get soloq-rating !
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