About Aatrox rework

Okey so, I'll go straight to thing i want to talk about, the Aatrox rework, as you see in title. He's in the game for quiet a long time now and there was somethings that made him look like old Aatrox, well, not anymore, Riot just removed the last similiar thing, the revive. I'm looking for your opinion, do you think this is how a "rework" should look like? It's just like new champion and not Aatrox. In my opinion Riot should do something with this, I'm not saying to rerework him, a lot better option is to give back the old Aatrox and turn the new one into 4th darkin so he will stay in his theme. There are some ppl that enjoy the new one and some that was enjoying the old one. I hope for some activity under this post, thanks. Also, I know my english might not be perfect, hope you will understand.
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