RIOT, once again, fix your matchmaking in Normals

RANT!! RIOT, Fix that matchmaking!! It is just normals, yes, but personally I play normals for 2 reasons: For fun and/or to improve. If I play for fun it is not bloody fun to play against a Platinum 2 Zed midlane when I am Silver 3. No matter what he is gonna have 100x my game sense and knowledge of champions. It could be he has had a bad lsing streak recently and I have had a good win streak (don't think so, but still), making our MMR for the moment somewhat equal. But %%%%ing look one inch beneath that "hey, it's a one off and he is probably not serious since it's a normal" bloody algorithm of yours and DON'T tilt bad players for not palying ranked!! And if I play to improve, how the hell is that gonna %%%%ing happen, when he has total lane dominance at level %%%%ing 1, because of the huge gap in abilities, and just dives me under tower from level 6 onwards? Good %%%%ing job Riot, he said ironically. This is not gonna do anything, but %%%%ing god, why must you do it badly and spin it, instead of just doing it properly?!?
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