Questions about mobility in runes/items for jungle.

Right so, I am a flexible player that plays all roles. However with my focus on the jungle in particular i enjoy playing squishy and mobile champions - e.g. Kindred, Lee Sin, Nidalee. Now i know that particularly with a champion like Lee Sin, the player should be open to dropping mobis if they are either behind, or are just in need of the tabis/mercs for that particular matchup, which is fine. However i always feel like i need some kind of mobility to get me around the map. Using my 3 examples - On Kindred i was happy for hail of blades, because it allows me to go domination and get relentless hunter, with celerity + waterwalking in the 2nd tree (same, but electrocute on Nid/Lee) on Lee Sin, if i get tabis/mercs i feel like i HAVE to get youmous to get around the map at my desired pace, if i don't, i just feel way too slow. (even on a tank/tankier champ, i'd like to throw on celerity +waterwalking or something) This kind of bias carries over when i play champions OTHER than the ones listed, and i like some form of mobility if i can fit it in on that champion. My question is, well is it unhealthy to have this kind of mindset, or should i welcome it, as it just forms my preferred playstyle in the jungle. If it is unhealthy, what can i do to satisfy myself, or ignore my need for this in my build.

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