People just don't get what my job is....

They are like: -Group up already! -Stop farming bot! -Why are you not groupig??? -Why did you not dive into that teamfight? -OMFG Yorick 2/6 report noob!!! etcetera etcetera It must be really hard to see that I took down 4 towers and the Herald MYSELF, and they got towers and objectives WHILE I was keeping the ENTIRE enemy team busy toplane. They just point at my growing deathcount and lack of kills and proclaim that I am doing sooo baaaaddd while "I" put constant pressure on the map and ME and only MEEE is responsible for putting the enemy team behind and at such terrible disadvantages. Take Baron while the enemy team is half-dead? WHY NOT TAKE THOSE FREE INHIBS AND FORCE THEM TO DEFEND???? FOOLS YOU ALL!!!! I am the one making people surrender at 15 mins by getting ahead and taking a 10 mins Herald, then taking an inhib with it!!! You "carries" and "mages" and "assassins" worth NOTHING! Your kills are meaningless if there are still 3 friggin layers of towers between you and the Nexus! I AM THE DEMOLITIONIST AND I AM THE ONE WHO CRUSHES THE NEXUS!!!! Well... there is one thing that is even tastier than the salt of raging Yasuo mains: the tears of despair of the enemy laner who was thinking he won the game by winning the laning phase, and the whole enemy team's that thought they won the game by just killing my teammates a couple dozen times and getting a couple drakes. The moment their turrets on the opposite side keep popping... the moment the person who oveconfidently thought from the times they 3v1 roflstomped me that he can 1v1 me, only to get shoveled 6 feet under! The growing desperation as my team gains the brain capacity out of survival instinct to move in packs so they can FINALLY take objectives, and even if a teamfight breaks out they will stall them until "I" take more towers and inhibs, and if they come for me, my team will do... SOMETHING at least!!! Not every job in this game is about killing. My job is to break towers and inflict despair. ;P
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