Can't wait for this Season to End! Season 7 has got to be the most boring and Meta Slave season yet!

Season 7 ... Riot are really not bothered about balance or being creative with allowing interesting picks this season. Season 7 has to be the most unimaginative and Meta slave season yet. - YES I understand there will always be a Meta of some kind but for all you kids out there that love Pressing R like {{champion:31}} for free elo, piss off and get some interest and learn to be different Riot has allowed this season to be the most boring and counter less season. - ARDENT Supports... Pfft. who needs {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:12}} just afk and heal for a free botlane. - who needs to play anyother champion anywhere when you have {{champion:113}} or {{champion:31}} - in every season apart from s7 you could actually enjoy playing a non meta pick and actually have a chance at being useful, this season you HAVE to play these kind of picks and are forced to or else you'll lose Elo for sure. Just horrible. do you actually enjoy seeing R Champs rule league? or afk healing rule the botlane.
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