If you say she, I hope you mean Lamb.

Kindred=They Lamb=She Example: Kindred is OP.~~She needs a nerf.~~THEY need a nerf. OR Lamb is OP.She needs a nerf. Reason: Kindred is two beings.If you say "she" then it's not Kindred.You are talking about Lamb. "BUT LAMB IS THE PRIMARY CHARACTER!" Well yes, it is true but Kindred aren't like, for example, Bard. Without meeps, Bard could still use his Q,W,E and R. Without Wolf, Lamb couldn't hunt jungle camps.Couldn't cast W.Coulnd't complete the third hit of E.She would only hunt champions, cast Q, use the W heal passive, slow enemies briefly with E and use R. TL;DR Kindred=They Lamb=She
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